If you are a fan of casino games, you must have come across name video poker, and if not yet, it is about time you get yourself acquainted with it.

Video poker is one of the most popular casino games. Video poker requires and is played using five-cards. The game is based on draw poker. It is simulated using a computerized machine console, which is about the size of the slot machine. Let us shed some light on the history of video poker.

Through the Skylight of history

The history of video poker takes us somewhere back to 1970, where the first video poker was introduced and played by the name of Poker-Matic.

The mechanism was simple. It combined a television screen with the computer unit. Despite being several installations in Las Vegas, video poker could not get the fame it deserved, as people back then did not much trust gambling via electronic medium.

However, later around 2003, the new term for Poker-Matic was altered to Video poker, and that is how it came into existence. And today, it is one of the loved casino games. Let us talk about how to play video poker and the rules of different video poker variations.

Rules of video poker

Video poker has different variations through which you can play. Let us first start our guide from the general rules of video poker.

In every variation, the primary standard rules are the same that set off using five cards. You are given the five video poker cards, which you can react by discarding or holding your cards.

According to the strategy, you can discard as many cards as you want, either five or just one, depending upon your play preference.

And the card that you discard is replaced in a single random draw, whether it is one or all of them. Now, if you are holding a card and it matches with any of the hands with a prize, you win your prize. It is as

In a nutshell

  • You are given five cards
  • Choose or discard any of the cards
  • Cards would be replaced in a random draw
  • Upon matching  with the qualifying hand, you get your reward

Jacks or Better

One of the types of video poker casino games is Jacks or Better. In order to walk through this one, you must have a pair of jacks to get rewarded.

A predefined pay scale is set, and if you have anything of higher-ranking would pay you depending on that predefined pay scale. But if you get any lesser value to pair of Jacks, that would be a waste.

You only get paid for the high value you hold; for example, if you hit a full house, you get 6x-9x of your bet (depending upon payout scale).

The best strategy to play Jacks or Better

Try to draw all four cards if you have four to a straight or a flush. And if you have three to a royal flush, try to hold and draw to it. If you have a pair, do not draw more than three cards.

Try to hold three of the five cards to a straight flush; always go for higher or hold any jacks. And in case of nothing is applicable as you might have none of the above, you can draw five new cards.

Deuces Wild

Let us talk about another popular variation of video poker, which is called Deuces Wild. The main rule of deuces wild is all the deuces within your deck are wild; however, you can indeed replace for any card’s rank. The payout scale in deuces wild is reduced. Royal flush with no wild gives you 250x, including a bonus of 4000x. Four deuces offer you 200x, royal flush including wild, gives you 20x to 25x. Straight gives you 2x and three of a kind 1x.

The best strategy to play Deuces wild

In Deuces wild, you should hold your cards if you are dealt with the four deuces; this would improve the hand. However, in the case of three deuces, hold all the cards provided by you have five of a kind or royal flush.

In case of having two deuces try to go for any hand four of a kind, hold four cards to a royal flush; if not, try to hold on to the deuces.

You might also get only two pairs; in that case, you can hold the second pair, but make sure full hose pays as same as four of a kind. In case of not matching any of the above conditions, we mentioned hold on to pair.

And if you know you do not have any pair, then try to go for higher cards; higher the better. But make sure they are in the same suit.

Joker’s wild

Another best variation is Joker’s wild, which is much liked by video poker players; this game is almost in between the types Jacks or Better and the Deuces wild. Also, quite easy to comprehend; you would not have difficulty learning it. The Joker’s wild is played using the 53-card deck, which is consisted of 52 standard cards and a joker.
You can use the Joker in any of the ranks or suits. The Joker’s wild pay scale is;
Royal flush without Joker (250x) and with Joker (100x)
Five-of-kind (200x)
Straight flush- (40x to 50x)
Four-of-kind (15x to 20x)
Full house (5x to 8x)
Three-of-kind (2x)
Straight (1x)

The best strategy for Joker’s wild

As we have mentioned that you will find Joker’s wild somewhere between Deuces and Jacks or Better, so you might want to keep up with the same strategy as you have In Jacks or Better and the Deuces.

However, since the little variation is Joker, so you should keep all three-of-kinds and higher value along with Joker. Also, try to keep all four cards to a big paying hand; this is best with Joker.

You’ll want to stick to the same basic strategy as you used in Jacks or Better but just remember that jokers are awesome.

Double bonus Strategy

This is a bonus play round where you get rewarded an extra payout for having four-of-kind, for example, AAAA.

The best practice with a double bonus is to keep the Aces and go for a full draw if you have Full Aces. Prefer straight flush to Royal. And try to have two pairs rather than just one.

What is Double-Double bonus?

Double-Double bonus is one of the most exciting bonus play in video poker, and it is indeed quite popular too. It enhances and adds the exciting feature to the simple double bonus.

If you get AAAA and further your fifth card is 2, 3 or 4, you get an extended version of extra payout, which is full of excitement.