BlackJack is no doubt the best addition to online gambling; it is an interesting game that keeps you up with its various types, however; the different types have different variations to play, which are quite fascinating to learn about. Let us start this off by shedding light on the history of blackjack.

History of Blackjack

The origin of the blackjack takes us somewhere back to the 17th century. That is how old the blackjack is. But at that time, it was known as twenty-one. On looking up, we can also find the reference in one of the Spanish author’s books called Miguel de Cervantes, and around the 18th century, it became more popular.

How to play blackjack​

In every round of blackjack, the player is given /dealt with two cards. That is one face up and one face down, but it mainly depends upon the type of blackjack. The player can choose to draw a new card or stand, and if the dealer’s turn-up card has a value of 10 points, then after completing, if the given hand if the dealer has a blackjack, then the player loses, but not if the player has a blackjack.

Splitting hands:

The player can make two new combinations upon being dealt with a pair, like two tens or any other. The player can split the hands and make a new combination.

But the player will be dealt with two new cards, and one card would be for each hand, respectively. Also, it solely depends upon the type of black and rules of that game regarding how many times cards should be divided.

Double down:

Double down as another exciting play in which the sum of the player’s card, which is 9, 10, and 11, has the ability for the player to double their bet, and that is just in exchange for one card. Doing this is known as double down.

Allowance of doubling after splitting hand depends on the type of blackjack and its rules.

Insurance bet:

The player can also use the insurance if the dealer draws out face-up Ace; this works as the side bet, and the player wins the bet if the hand of the dealer has the back Jack, the player wins with the ratio of 3:2, but it results in losing the original bet. The insurance bet is not used mostly in blackjack.


The basic strategy in blackjack involves surrendering if it is available; the player has the feature once he has been dealt with the card; if the player surrenders willingly, his wagered value shall be returned.

Sometimes it is best to surrender depending upon the situation and the dealer’s cards.

Types of black Jack​

Online blackjack mainly has two types either you can choose to play video blackjack or live blackjack; one of the fundamental differences is in video blackjack. The cards of the game are generated by the computer system. But if you play against a dealer, then cards would be shuffled manually and then will be used in-game.

Let us discuss some of the main types of blackjack that are played widely and are quite popular.

Blackjack switch:

In this game player chooses two combinations with two cards at the same time; the player can swap his second card; if the dealer goes to 22, the player is returned with his bet. But it does imply he wins, and the game results in a draw.

The player is rewarded but with a ratio of 1:1, not 3:2.

Vegas strip:

Vegas strip is another famous type of blackjack, it is played with four decks of cards, and the player has an option to split two aces only. But the player can also double down on any of the two cards. But this should be in mind that the player loses the insurance if he splits the cards.

Another implication that is imposed, the player can only double the bet if the cards he split were two Aces. Another important thing to notice is it would not be taken as blackjack if the player gets 21 as total after splitting the cards.

After splitting two aces player only gets to have one extra card and cannot be given another card.

Double exposure blackjack:

In this type of blackjack dealer’s has both cards facing up, the player has the benefit due to this rule, and the player simply can lose if tied with the dealer. And then blackjack is paid with a ratio of 1:1.

Also, it is important to know that players can only split the cards one time.

Perfect pairs:

As the name indicate, in this type of blackjack, the player can raise a side bet on the perfect pair; the player wins the bet only if the first two cards are pair, like a couple of 5 or a couple of 8.

The player will even get a higher rewarding amount if the colors match too, and even higher if it comes from the identical suit.

Rules for the Blackjack

  • Blackjack is played using six decks of cards, usually French cards. The number of decks might vary from 1 to 8, does not necessarily have to be 6. Each deck of cards has 52 cards.

    Cards that start from 2 to 10 have the face value, and cards from jack to king have a value of 10. Ace is always variable but might worth 1 or 11.

    Ace also has the ability to create soft combinations, which is an interesting thing that means if you have number 8 and an Ace, your total value would be 9 or 19 as Ace has the value of either 1 or 11. And that would be called soft 9 or soft 19.

    However, if the other player draws a higher number card, let us say 21 or any other higher number; Ace’s value would be decreased to 1.

    Another important thing to know about blackjack is that you always play it against the dealer, where the main aim is to get a higher value than the dealer has.

    But value should remain below 21; after 21, the game is finished nevertheless the sum of dealer. And if the dealer reaches the sum of 21, the player wins. So until at that point player has to keep the value lower than 21.

Basic win value:

The basic win value is with a ratio of 1:1, but if the player gets some combination of Ace and card worth 10, the player would be rewarded. Another rule of blackjack implies after reaching number 17, the dealer never draws another card, but of course, if you have soft 17, it shall not be automatic.

So, in that case, the dealer may or may not draw another card.

But this also applies according to the specific set rules of the game.

In online gambling, rules are always presented on display; instructions are also there that state dealer stands at soft and blackjack pays 3 to 2, depending upon the situation.