Talking about casino gambling games and not talking about Roulette would not be justice; Roulette is one of the famous gambling games that are hit in casinos and online gambling games.

And just like any other gambling game knowing the basic rules, tips, and strategies can help you place the best bet and get the most out of your gambling experience.

Another important thing you should know, there are different types of Roulette, such as; French, European, and American Roulette. Let us talk about some of the important guidelines of Roulette.

Guidelines of Roulette

Roulette is played using the Roulette wheel, the Roulette wheel has about 37 to 38 numbers and several colors slots in it, however; different Roulettes such as French and American have different numbers and color slots.

French and European Roulette has 1 to 36 numbers with red and black slots with 0 green. At the same time, American Roulette has 1 to 36 numbers with red and black slots but 0 and 00 green.

A small ball is used to play the Roulette; the ball is thrown into the spinning wheel, and players simply bet on the numbers they think the ball should or will stop at.

Players can also but on groups of the number; they do not just have to select one number, betting on just one number might also decrease your chances of winning.

Special roulette rules

Roulette games can also be categorized into different rules aside from the usual rules that are used to play; exceptional rules are known as La Partage, Surrender, and En Prison.

These rules are actually a good deal for the player, and they make sure that the player does not lose so much money in the long run, even if the player has to lose the bet. So it would be a pretty good idea to choose game rules that allow you this option.

The rule La Partage:

Let us talk about la Partage that is not standard Roulette, however; quite beneficial for the player. La Partage is applicable to the chance bets, which is red/black odd/even (1-18/19-36). It means that these have the as same amount of winning chance as to lose. So if you as a player put your bet on “even chance,” then if your ball stops at 0, your half of the betting wager would be returned.

So, for instance, you placed your bet of $200 on a specific number, and it turns out some other $100 out of your $200 will be returned to you. And this thing secures you.

The rule En Prison:

En prison translates to “In prison” or “inside of prison,” which indicates how this type of Roulette works. You can also consider this a difficult little version of La Partage as in this type the player is not returned with the half of wager; instead of the ball stops at 0, the amount remains on the table, and the dealer marks the table, and this amount is treated in the next round, so if the player wins, the prison amount which is the original wager is returned to the player, and in another case, the player loses.

The rule Surrender:

Another interesting type of gameplay in Roulette, however, applies to American Roulette while the other two were more famous for French and European Roulette. The surrender type works almost as same as the La Partage, with the only difference that it works for both 0 and 00 (zero and double zero). If the player’s ball stops at either of these two 0 and 00, the half wager is returned to the player. 

California roulette rules

California roulette is also another interesting type of Roulette; however, this does not include in a standard type of Roulette, which is played using wheel and ball. Instead of playing by a ball and spin California roulette, they use cards. The bet is placed in the same way. However, 38 cards, which are quite identical to slots, are used. So, if you are playing California online roulette, do not be surprised to see such changes.

The best strategy for Roulette

Playing Roulette might not be as difficult as some of you might think; anyone can get started with it, but still, it is a best practice that you should always know tips and strategy before you start betting online.

We have brought some informative tips and strategies that would surely get you there, and at least will increase your winning chances. Nothing comes with a guarantee, but such things are worth trying for.

Also, you should keep in mind that not every time the strategies might work, and if you just keep on using them over and over instead of understanding the situation of your game, then you might not win in the long run.

Martingale roulette strategy:

In this strategy player needs to set the first bet; let us assume $2 on an even chance bet; if the player wins the bet, the player gets the first point back, and he bets again $2. And if the player loses the bet, he doubles it, and this goes on until the player wins.

This strategy usually works in cycles, the length of cycles might vary, but the player would win $2 every time or might lose his bet at all.


The player bets $2, win $4, the net winning amount is $2. And in this case, if he bets $2 and loses it, then he would double the bet to win more, that is $4 to secure net winning.

Fibonacci roulette strategy:

Another best tip to win is playing with the Fibonacci roulette strategy; it is somewhat similar to the Martingale roulette strategy, but it works on number sequence; the sequence of numbers is the sum of two previous numbers. For example, 2 – 2 – 4 -1 – 5 – 2- 7 and so on.

The player starts his bet with respect to the first sequence number; if the player loses, the player chooses the next number in the sequence to bet his amount. And if he wins, he just simply goes back in the sequence of numbers.

D’Alembert roulette strategy:

As we have seen that both of our previous strategies work either by decreasing or increasing the betting amount on the sequence of numbers. D’Alembert roulette betting strategy works almost the same way with only a little exception that the wagered amount you put is not big. Instead, it should be quite smaller. And that is another reason why you can consider this strategy secure, too, as you are not betting too much.