If you are wondering how American football betting works, then you are probably in the right place; we will break it down for you in three main steps and enlighten you with tips, the playoff system, and types of betting. So, without waiting any further, let us get started!

The Playoff system guide

The system of American National football has been categorized into three different parts, the wild card round, the divisional round, and the conference championships.

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Wild card:

The wild card round commences in January second week; and, two of the wild card teams from the conference are put against the third and fourth who are divisional champions. Just like the convention teams who embrace winning go to the next round, while on the other hand, the first and second-team get the week off.

Divisional round:

The divisional round mainly checks the top teams that played against the wild card round, and the winners of this round are promoted to the next and final round, which is The Conference Championships round. Moreover, the top-seeded teams get the benefit of the home field.

The Conference Championships:

  • The conference championships are responsible for finalizing the team that wins for each conference. The teams are further filtered down to four; two of the teams come from each conference.

    The final two winning teams of the two games are then announced conference champions of NFC and AFC. This is where the super bowl comes into play; the last and most demanding title remains neutral unless the final team claims the national hoist, the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Playoff betting

American football is one of the most demanding games, especially concerning online gambling, and usually, the gambling fans who bet keep each year in their focal point.

Online gambling has created a strong relationship that goes either way, from the betting industry to sports and vice versa, indeed. Both of them need each other.

If you want to fill the betting with eagerness and anticipation, then postseason NFL playoff would be the best way to aid it.

However, you must not pursue the online gambling portal with haste. You should be equipped properly with knowledge and abound with tips before you reach the top NFL Playoff. First of all, let us put some light on the types of betting. Proper knowledge will surely increase your expected value.

Types of NFL Bets

As we mentioned earlier, American football is one of the most demanding online gambling game, but American football also is divided into two main categories which are;

  • Points spread
  • Money-Line

You can choose to select any of the two; whatever excites you the most is the one you should go along with. Let us take a look at both types.

Points Spread:

If you ask about popular betting type regarding American Football, probably points spread system would be the answer, especially concerning the NFL games.

In this type, Sports-Books set the betting line and an assumption regarding how many points the bookmakers think the game will be won by. This method is also called a spread or the line.

For instance, point spread might indicate either of the two teams A and B could have 5 points in favor of the other, and if on an online portal you see such scoring, it would indicate that Sports-Book foreseeing or making an assumption of 5 points for the team to win against the second team.

If you select the odds 5, then you would require five or more points to win, as your investment would return.

In case the points are exactly according to your assumption, then it would be considered a push, and you can have your wager.

Spread is quite liked by the fans as it keeps the excitement alive regardless of who wins, so if you want to stay on the verge, point spread will suffice.


The money line is another popular type of betting under the influence of American football; it is quite simple to pursue, that adds to its popularity. People who do not want to spend time deciding about a score can simply use this betting system to infer which time would win.

This not only makes it easier but also you do not have to spend a lot of time worrying about scoring. Before the game starts, The Sports-books place the odds, which indicates the winning chances for teams, and according to that statistics, you can bet on any team you want.

The odds of the team might be displayed using a decimal or European system; however, it implies the same scenario. You can also take help from the betting calculator that assists you in determining how much you will win on your specific bet amount.

Betting tips

Now that you have come across the betting system, types of bets, and how the playoff system works, let us get you straight into it further by disclosing some of the best tips you can have about betting. Following these tips, you can create your EV considerably.

You should always know who is in the form; each and every NFL team experience patches of bad form and good form,

Your team might be flagging the bottom of the league, but it could be on a four-game win streak, and in that case, online betting site would be more likely to ignore this fact and rank them higher even if the other team is better.

Valuing Value:

If you want to become good at betting, then you need brush up your spotting value skill; this would help you so much as there are different games that come along with different chances, and being good at betting is your part to determine which spot wagers are best suitable for the match.

You should not bet on any team without being aware of their previous score, their weaknesses, and strengths; this is the thing that would surely award you the best bet. The success rate can increase once you match the technical underlined details. So make sure to figure out the value and the main strength of the team.