Betting or no betting football is most popular game in the entire glob, people are very passionate about football, and they even love playing it. If we get into gambling and betting world, you will find the football on top of most games; whether we are talking about American football or some other, you are more likely to find a huge fan following.

Let us discuss how you can bet on football game and types of bet to place.

How to Bet on Football

Usually, the football odds are represented in the form of a fraction, which means partial. Also, decimal and money line terminologies are used. This would actually depend upon where you reside.

Talking about English premier league as an example, the result would be like, 4 / 2, 10 / 8, or 2/1. So according to this instance, the team with 4/2 has favourites to win as they are referring odds on price. It indicates if you bet about $5, you would get $4 as your winning reward.

You do not really have to get into the pricing if it keeps things a little complex for you; the sportsbooks give the prices in both types for better understanding. All you need to know that there are different types of betting in football.

How to play slots online

To play slots machine online, you have to first choose your favorite slot game. The screen will fill up with the reels of your specific slot game. The relevant buttons would be such as; spin, max bet. The bankroll is also shown on the screen.
Then just make sure you consider Pay-table that provides you with information about the value of current symbols. Also, it tells you about your lookout.
Then you simply choose your bet and determine the Pay-Line you want to play; you can also select all the pay-line to play by choosing a max bet.
Thereafter you just click on spin, and the reels start to spin. Your winnings are displayed if you win, and you are given a chance to gamble. The important thing is to keep an eye on bankrolls while playing slots.

Types of Football Bets and tips

Just like we mentioned, there are many possible ways and bet types for football, depending upon your preference, you can go along with any. These are some of the main and most popular types of bets.

Match Bet:

Match bet is probably the simple one, in a match bet you choose the outcome of a football match, and thereafter you can bet on your home team, away team or you can bet on a draw.

Also, in this type, the bet is placed for the ninety minutes match. The game can also get a draw, and in that case, a draw would be winning, so if you put your bet on draw match, you win.

Asian Handicap bet:

  • In an Asian handicap bet, your bet has the handicap to excel, and in Asian handicap bet you get the two kinds of results, and if the game gets to draw. As a result, the person who placed bet would win and will get back their placed money on it.

    This type is quite famous as the game might get a draw as a result quite often, which indicates bettors would get their money back and would win their bet.

    So, for instance, let us assume you place your bet on Team A, and your bet is +3, so you would only win and get if the team loses by three goals, and if they lose by two or more than three, you will lose your bet.

European Handicap bet:

European handicap bet varies from the Asian handicap bet, in European handicap bet you can choose to bet on one team so that you can have a winning reward, but on the same time you need to give the other team one-goal advantage to have an

From the total, you take one away, so if the team has score 2/0, you win your bet, and on the other hand, you lose if the score was 1/0.

Half Time/Full Time:

Another interesting bet type is half, and full time, in this type you can divide the whole game into two different portions, first half and second half, that is half time and full time of the game.

Depending on what you want to be on, home team, away team or on the draw but the difference is this time you bet on the half of game either one or both halves. This also decreases the time to announce winning by 45 minutes. However; if you do not have any advance knowledge of bet, then do not start from this type of bet.

As you would require good assumption regarding as to which team finishes the game in a strong manner.

Double Chance:

Double chance is an interesting type of bet where you have the option to bet on two results out of three, so you can have an increment in your winning chances. You bet in combinations for example;

Draw or home team, away team or draw, away team or home team, and you get rewarded if your given combination wins, in this type, your winning chances are more, so if you want a close winning chance, you can try this one.


Another famous and most played type is Accumulators, the popularity of this type is due to its big winning reward even on small betting amount. Accumulator has more than four selections in which two selection is a two-fold, and three selection is a three-fold. In accumulator you are more likely to bet on more than one occurrence, and also you bet on more than one football match, as the odds start to increase, you can add more teams and higher odds.

In accumulator type, your placed bet is multiplied by the number of pickings, so if you pick four football matches, your final bet stake would be multiplied by four too.

Over and under betting:

In this type, bookmakers provide the better with a number and then they are to predict and guess the outcome, outcome result can be both either over or under the value, which is why it is named over and under betting. Usually, 2.5 remains the base value, which indicates you need to predict the result over three goals or less than the value, which is three goals in this case.

How 2.5 is equivalent to three is because no team can have a half goal, so it indicates the outcome of on specific bet.


These were some of the most popular types of football betting, make sure you first study them all and do not go along with complex ones, without proper research you should not put your real money stake, as there are many experts who offer you their skills and talent for free as a demo. You should avail this opportunity and place your bet after evaluating each bet type thoroughly!