Horse racing is one of the oldest sports, and so is the horse race betting, people loved to bet on a horse race, and over time horse race betting got evolved, several different types, rules and strategies are involved. Let us talk about some of the horse racing types.

Types of horse racing


This is quite a common type of horse racing, in which horse is seta about on a course that has several jumps; of course, these courses are quite interesting and thrilling as they are very unpredictable. Huge jump race takes place in Aintree UK and is called Grand National, which is a handicapped type of race.

Flat Racing:

Flat racing is another famous, yet the basic type of racing, in this race type horse, completes its course on the flat course, and there are no jumps in it. However; it creates even more thrill as the stamina and speed of a horse are tested and taken into consideration. The most famous race track for the flat racecourse is Kentucky Derby.


Harness racing is another known type of horse racing; in this type, horses are to pull two-wheeled contraption, which is also widely known as sulkies. Horse driver needs to accompany it and guide the horse throughout. Also, there are two other types of harness, trotting and pacing, and in pacing, the horses run swiftly.


you can consider Endurance as one of the hardest types of racing as it is set on quite long distance. Usually, the distance is about 50 or 100 miles, and this much distance is to be covered by the players.

And also it consumes quite much of time; typically about 14 to 15 hours are taken to complete the race.

Types of betting

Outright betting:

One of the famous types of betting is called outright, and as the name implies, in this type bettors are simply to bet on horses, they pick horses that they think might have chance to win.

So, if the player who you think might win crosses the first line, you would get your winning reward, just as simple as that.

Each-Way betting:

Each way is another interesting type of betting, in this type you get paid out if the horse you bet on finishes in the top three. However; this bet pays out highly and about two times more than the outright type. So, people who want to have big rewarding money might want to go for each way betting type. Also, the horse which completes the first gets more rewarding money than the second and third horse, respectively.


The place is one of the interesting types of betting as in this type you do not bet on the horse which is to win. Instead, you would place your bet on a horse that backs to completes in the top two.

Show bet:

Show bet type is another cool type of bet and almost similar to the previous one just instead of betting on a horse that should finish in top two, you bet on a horse that should complete the race in top 3. The odds of this bet are not as high as other types, yet considerable and it is quite famous too.

Across the Board bet:

Across the board offers you three-bet, it has three in one bet type for you, it gives you outright bet type, place bet type and show bet type too.

The second to complete would have the betting reward for the place and show bets, and if the player finishes the race in the third position, he will get a betting reward for show bet type.

Tri-cast bet:

Tri-cast bet lets you predict the horse which will complete first, also you predict about second and third horses. You would also come across the type reverse Tri-cast bet in which you do the same in a reverse manner. You do not require to judge or predict the very same position of the three horses.


Unlike Tri-cast bet in the forecast, you would also need to mention which horse would be first or the second based on their correct position.  You can also find the reverse forecast bet type, which is exactly the same; however; prediction of correct position is mandatory in this type.

First Four:

This type is also commonly known as superfecta, for this bet all you need to do is choose the horses that would be completing the race in 1 to 4 positions respectively. You might find it a little expensive bet, however; the very same goes for winning reward too, you would be paid quite highly in this type of bet.


Another most interesting type is accumulators, this bet requires you to combine two, or more bets, and you would be declared winner, or you would win your reward if all your combined bets are good.

You can choose any bet types to combine; you can choose many types, higher the number of bets, better the winning odds for you.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Betting on a horse can be tricky, especially if you are new to this, which is why it is quite an important thing you consider basic strategies and tips.

Like how to pick the right horse, and all the other important things to factor in. let us talk about some best tips to increase your winning chances.


Consider a horse form as it represents how they have performed, so if you see a horse that has won the best and the first title, then surely it would have a better rating and form than a horse that hasconstantly been losing, so see it closely.


A horse trainer is another important aspect of horse racing, the best jockey would always bring up the best horse indeed, so if you want to focus on the better performance of the horse, you should go along with a horse that has the best trainer or the jockey, and you will come up with best results too.

Bet on the Favorite:

Finally the last but definitely not the least tip is to bet on the favourite type, you might be new to horse race betting, and if you do not come from any prior betting experience, then your possible best chance is to be on favourite, experts of the betting decide this, you can use their skills and knowledge to determine that. You might not get high odds; still, you will save yourself from losing.