Top Rated Mobile Blackjack Games and Apps to Play in 2021

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If you’re involved in the gambling world and still don’t know these words perhaps you're simply leaving your money on the table! 

Relax! Here you got your clue!

A podium of breathtaking fun and beloved by millions of hearts, Blackjack is one of the most renowned real money casino card games in the US & the world in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos.

Here you will find everything about this epic game! Learn how to access free Blackjack games for Android, iphone, and other apps in one single search. Psst...Psst! We will also tell you how to outsmart the game with our proven and expert tip even in your first short!

So let’s hit the scrolling button!

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About Blackjack

Born back to the 17th-century French game, Vingt-et-Un (which means “21”, Blackjack has covered so much fame and an invincible global iconic reputation in such a long journey of decades with the ever-evolving gambling industry.

Featuring decks of 52 cards, this game belongs to American descendants of a global family of banking games - Twenty-One. What makes Mobile Blackjack unique and one of the most desirable games in the world is that it offers people to make handsome money while having some great fun both at the same time. What more? Players can enjoy it on the go, at the workplace, home, and pretty much anywhere else as long as they have a nice device, reliable wi-fi connection, and the right platform to play.

The quintessential part of this game is that it is absolutely free. Much like any other casino game, the rules are simple. Focus, play, and earn. If you haven't tried it yet, this is the best time to take your part in this cake. This post will walk you through every small to detailed information that you must know to make the most out of this treasure.

What you Need to Play Mobile Blackjack

  • Best Casinos
  • Bonuses
  • Apps to download

Objective of the Game

The game is set on the simple rule - beat the dealer! Every player has to defeat the dealer by achieving points closer to 21 or 21 to win. Remember, not above 21!

Understanding the basics of Mobile Blackjack 

Playing Blackjack is as easy as cutting a cake if you know all the basics. 

The card game features 6 to 8 decks of cards except for jokers. You need to collect points closer to your dealer's points or '21' to win the round. However, if you score more than 21 – you lose automatically. 

Card Value:

  • Number Card = Value placed on their face
  • Picture card values (J, Q, K) = 10 points
  • Ace – 1 or 11 points depending on which is better for the hand

However, if we talk about the Multihand Blackjack - where the table offers multiple seats for players –rules become a little different. 

Rules of the Game

To put it simply, you just need to be closer to what your dealer has earned in order to remain in the safe zone and to win as well.

  • The round starts when the bets are placed. The dealer kicks start the game by giving two cards to every Player who faces up and two cards to himself, where the only card is face up. 
  • If your first card is 21, you win. Else, you will be given two options - Hit or stand!
  • If you decide to stand, you do not accept new cards. On the flip side, if you go with option Hit, the dealer will draw another card, which will add up to your card total. 
  • If your new card total is below 21, you’re out of danger. If it turns out to be 21, you win. If you go over 21, you’re bust or lost.

Mobile Blackjack continue to hit until you reach 21 (or bust), but it is like no brainer! Why? As your card total increases, you become closer to getting busted. 

Mobile Blackjack Terminology

Stand. If you choose this you are accepting no new cards and left with your current hand.

Hit. A hit lets the player win more new cards from the shoe.

Double Down. A player can double his bet if he gets 9-11 points from the initial distribution. Only one card is added to the hand in this case, and the player becomes not liable to further decisions.

Split. In case a player receives two cards with the same face from the distribution, he can split the card. The bet is doubled, and round goes as usual, except when doubling down an Aces – Player could add only one card to them.

Insurance. A set of casinos provide Insurance to the players that cover Insurance the Ace from the distribution. Because an Ace could form Blackjack instantly, and the Player loses. Usually, the Insurance costs half of a current stake and returns 2:1.

Surrender. It acts almost like Insurance does. The only difference is that if a player decides to surrender his hand to the dealer he immediately ends his round and loses half of the current bet.

However, a bunch of professional mobile Blackjack players finds it no brainer to surrender or take any insurance because it likely ends up with no profit at all.

When to hit or stand

However, the concern is quite personal and doesn't have any certain thumb rule, there is a set of basic rules that often lead to favorable outcomes.

First and foremost, the dealer must choose to draw cards (hit) if his card values 16 or less, and likewise he must stand on reaching 17. 

Here is a trick, as you are only allowed to see one of the dealer’s cards, it is a good start to assume the dealer’s face-down card is a 10 to plan your next short accordingly.

Some of the most basic blackjack strategy

  • If the dealer has a two or three, continue hitting until you get 13 or above.
  • If the dealer has a four to six, stop hitting after you get 12 or above.
  • If the dealer has a seven or above, choose to hit until you score 17 or higher.

Playing Mobile Blackjack Using Bitcoin

Before we head to anything else, Bitcoin is all set to overtake cash soon not in years but in months! So if you’re still wondering whether it is safe or not, It is safe and wise too!

The hard-to-beat trend of Bitcoin transactions offers a great way to keep your money safe online. Since all transactions are encrypted, your confidential info is intact and secured from data breaches.

How To Start Playing Mobile Blackjack

Playing Blackjack is almost limitless! All you need is a keen focus and a fresh mind to rule this world!

  • Find your legit platform – If you do not want to compromise with your essential information, better to go for a top-rated casino that fits best with your choice and unlock a pool of blackjack games.
  • Create your Account– Firstly, creating an account is all free. Go and create your account to get some personalized preferences and extended benefits.
  • Make your first deposit – Before you start trying your luck in betting and winning real money at the mobile blackjack table, you will be required to deposit a fixed amount to kick start.
  • Claim your bonus – You will get a promo code that you can claim after signing up.
  • Pick and play your mobile game – You are all set to enjoy it! Tap on the game that makes your heart skip a beat!

Final Words

The epitome of great opportunity, Mobile Blackjack unlocks a great line of fun to enjoy and earn both at the same platform! This post tells a bird's eye view of this epic journey to help you stay top of mind! Go, try and experience a world that you haven't before!