About Betting on Boxing: How to bet on boxing online?

Boxing is the world's oldest competitive sport, having its origins officially classified as "prehistoric." The Marquess of Queensberry Rules, which include gloves and well-specified rules, was created in 1867. Naturally, as long as there have been boxing, there has been boxing betting, even before those regulations, when bare-knuckle contests ruled the roost.

Betting on boxing is enormous business these days, especially via the Internet, since the most well-publicized bouts attract millions of spectators and bettors each year. Our legal online boxing betting guide is the ultimate ring walk if you want to understand how to wager on the Sweet Science. Step into the squared circle with a little information under your belt and land strike after blow to take home the largest purse imaginable.

How can I place a bet on boxing online?

Boxing betting may be done in a variety of ways. You may bet on the Moneyline while betting on boxing. This is where you place a wager on who you think will win the battle. Prop bets include the manner of victory, total rounds (the number of rounds a fight will last), points betting, and parlays.

Is it permissible to gamble on boxing online?

Yes! Fighting gambling has long been a feature of regulated sportsbooks, and with the rise of internet betting alternatives in the United States, you can anticipate el-boxeo to become even more popular. However, not every US bettor has access to domestic online bookies, forcing them to place their bets on offshore sites.

Sites to Bet on Boxing:

After you read How to bet on boxing online , We shouldn't need to remind you how thrilling it is when the first two warriors enter the ring and the starting bell rings! What we do want to inform you about is how the top boxing betting sites can help you take that thrill to new heights!

RankBetting SiteBonus
1Betway100% Deposit Bonus up to $200
2BetOnlineWelcome Bonus
3MyBookieDouble Your First Deposit Up To $1000
4IntenTops SportsUP TO $150 BONUS
5Bovada$250 Sports Welcome Bonus

To get a piece of the real money betting action, you don't need to wrap your hands, put on gloves, or put on a mouthpiece. Simply put your knowledge and experience on the line, and you may earn money betting on boxing online!

How Do I Begin Betting on Boxing Online?

  • Choose the most suitable boxing betting sites for you.
  • Create an account by signing up.
  • Make a genuine cash deposit.
  • Place your wager and collect your prize!

Continue reading for additional information on these stages. By following the instructions below, you may begin wagering real money on boxing bouts online.

Must choose the best boxing gambling websites for your needs.

By coming here to find the best online boxing betting sites, you're already one step ahead of the game. Consider. Take the time to try out some of the ideas we've provided. Design for a site or sites that you enjoy the look and feel of, that offer an appealing incentive, and that serve local clients.

Create an account by signing up.

After you've picked your choice, click the "sign up" button to begin the process of creating your account. This process should just take a few minutes. To utilize, you'll need an active email account as well as some basic information about yourself and your location.

Make a genuine cash deposit.

After you've created an account, it's time to pay it. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a bonus prize, and understand How to bet on boxing online, make sure you read all of the terms & conditions to assure you get the most out of it. When selecting how much to deposit into your online boxing betting account, keep in mind that the bonus may only apply to the initial deposit.

You're only a few minutes away from putting your first wager! Look for boxing betting options in the website's sportsbook area. They are sometimes classified as a separate category, and other times as a subsection of battle sports, combat sports, or other sports.

Look over the available bets and the boxing odds and lines after you've arrived. Must choose bets you want to make and the amount of money you would like to risk.

Place a bet.

To put your bets, live, all you have to do now is click the "submit" button! As you place your bets, they are added to a virtual betting slip. You may double-check your wagers before submitting them to make sure you haven't made any mistakes. If everything appears fine, hit the submit button, and your boxing bets will be active right away!

Collect your prize money!

Now comes the exciting part. Once your wager is active, you may relax and enjoy the battle, as well as collect your winnings if you win. You may either pay out your winnings or utilize them to gamble on additional flights from there! It is all up to you.

The Basics of Boxing Betting Odds

Before you know How to bet on boxing online, If you've never gambled on boxing before, it's rather straightforward, and most of the betting lines you'll come across are similar to those seen in most other sports. The following seem to be the most famous fighting gambling odds:

  1. Straight Bets - Simply choose the winner, no questions asked! The odds are displayed in a Moneyline format, with the favorite having a negative Moneyline (indicating how much you must spend to win $100) and the underdog having a positive Moneyline (indicating how much you stand to gain on a $100 bet). Most sites take bets ranging from $0.50 to $1.00, and all wagers have related money-lines that follow the same criteria.
  2. Over/Under Bets - Also known as totals, O/U bets in boxing are wagers on how many rounds a fight will last. A sportsbook will display a figure, such as 10.5 rounds, and if the fight lasts more than 10 rounds, the "over" bet wins, while the "under" bet wins if the fight lasts 10 or fewer rounds.
  3. Boxing Prop Bets — Popular boxing prop bets include round betting (choose the round in which the fight finishes), round group betting (select a range of rounds in which the fight concludes), and manner of victory betting (pick whether the fight ends via KO, TKO, DQ, or decision). You may frequently wager on whether the battle will go the whole distance.
  4. Spread Betting — Spread bets in boxing are uncommon, although they do exist. A boxing spread usually refers to how many more punches a certain boxer will throw or land than his or her opponent, although alternative spreads may be available as well. Boxing spreads are usually only available for the biggest fights.

Boxing Organizations Currently Existing

Sports organizations, not to be confused with boxing promotions (such as Banner Promotions, Golden Boy Promotions, Top Rank Promotions, and so on), are essentially boxing leagues. While there are other similar leagues across the world, there are only four that matter on the big professional boxing circuit:

  • World Boxing Association (WBA) (1921)
  • World Boxing Council (WBC) (1963)
  • The International Boxing Federation (IBF) is an organization that promotes boxing across the world (1983
  • WBO (World Boxing Organization) (1988)

Top-level boxers aspire to "unify" the championship since each organization has its fighter rankings, fight procedures, and hierarchies. This means that a single boxer is concurrently the defending champion in his or her weight class for all of the aforementioned organizations.

Payouts of Boxing online gambling:

If you put $100 on Creed and believe he will win, you will receive a payment of $162.50, which includes your original $100 as well as your winnings of $62.50. A successful bet on Rocky, on the other hand, pays out $230 - you get your $100 back as well as your $130 in profits.

Dogs are a riskier gamble, so when they win, you gain more money. To figure out how much you'd win depending on the chances and the amount wagered, multiply the odds by the amount wagered.

The aforementioned example of The Dancing Destroyer and Philadelphia's favorite son is considered a competitive battle. Boxers, on the other hand, are sometimes listed as massive favorites with lines like -10000. To win $100, you'd have to wager $10,000. The fight between Anthony Joshua (-1100) and Alexander Povetkin (+650) in September 2018 is an example of a battle with a big favorite.

Betting on Boxing Victory Methods:

All of those are bets on the appearance or non - occurrence of certain actions or milestones which may or may not be linked to the battle's actual result.

Prop betting is available in all prominent sports, and boxing is no exception. The way of triumph is the most prevalent boxing prop. Instead of betting on who you believe will win the battle, you would wager on how it would conclude.

Instead of betting on Creed to win, you might wager on him to win via knockout, like in the Rocky vs. Creed scenario above (KO). Odds would appear to be as follows:

KO +120 for Apollo Creed

Are there any welcome bonuses for boxing betting sites?

Yes! To lure new consumers, several of the biggest online sportsbooks for boxing provide generous introductory bonuses. This means you can obtain a substantial boost to your cash before your first boxing match.

Is it safe to bet on boxing online?

It is safe to utilize reputably trusted boxing betting sites. "Reputable" and "trusted" are the key phrases here. It will be safe for you to wager real money on boxing bouts as long as the site is legitimate and has your best interests at heart. We can't guarantee a safe experience if you merely pick a random website from a fast Google search.