There would be hardly a person who has not engaged in an Online game. In some way or other games engage us, be it a free spin game on a shopping site or a free slot on a gaming app, we get wooed to try our luck again and again. And the people who have the taste for the thrill, Online Casinos are the ultimate destination to get the adrenaline rush. In this age of technology, Online Casinos have a plethora of options for playing engaging games like slot, blackjack, pussy888, Roulette, Bingo, Baccarat, etc. The fun part is that most of the Online Casinos have a free bonus to play. But the question is that do the free Online Casino games yield real money? Or rather put rightly, is it safe to play Online Casinos for real money? And yes, how safe are real money Online Casinos?

Doubts and dilemmas create delusions. Before playing real Online Casino games bidding adieu to the uncertainties is the best idea to start with. Let’s find out about the safety of Online Casino Games with real money.

First thing First

Yes, playing Online Casino games for real money is safe. The genuine Online Casinos follow fair trade policies and are registered by a casino licensing authority and gaming authority. Not only that, you could even play free online casino games and win real money to start with. Or if you are a bigger gambler you could engage in many Online Games and win real money or hit a jackpot. It may sound unbelievable, yet, the truth is that Casino wants you to win. They want you to have a gaming experience. They want to earn your royalty. Real Online Casino games and their winnings create loyalty. The gamers come back to the same casino to experience a similar gaming exhilaration.  

However, this does not mean that all the web-based Casinos can be trusted to play Online Casino games for real money. In the technological era, the virtual world had offered us end number of possibilities to help us out but pros and cons always come together. There is an end number of fake Online Casinos that could steal away your hard-earned money. So, what can be the solution?

It may look tricky but it is easy to track down whether the Online Casino is authentic or not. Following are few pointers to be kept in mind while playing Online Casino games with real money.

Licensing of the Online Casino

Genuine Online Casinos will always have the licensing information available on the website. The trustworthy Casinos most of the time link the logo of the license to their official licenses. The legitimate Casinos encourage their players to know about their regulatory body and promote it.

 Few reputable gaming commissions are UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority -, Alderney Gambling Control Commission -, First Cayagan Leisure and Resort Corporation -, ARJEL (France) -, Danish Gambling Authority -, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission -, Authority of Customs and Monopolies in Italy - and New Jersey Casino Control Commission. Attaining a license is not easy. Every gaming commission has its own set of rules but tends to secure player’s interests. These authorities make it a point to get the Criminal background check for the website and also look out for

  • The operational method includes every detail like the bonus offered, deposits, payout rules, jackpots, site security, and secure server.
  • Fraud detection and geolocation of the third-party providers
  • The Financial Records
  • The technical standards of software – The independent game testing report
  • Legal Business stature
  • The License fee which is substantial in amount

Game Audits

Online Casinos is not a play area that is self-created to let you play online casino games for real money. They have to loop in with the game providers and the software developers. There are certainly known developers viz. Microgaming, Playtech, and many others are also a kind of assurance as these developers engage with genuine casinos only. However, game audits by RTP and RNG audit guarantee that the fair play is on track. You can be sure that the software on which you are playing is not rigged. If the Casino is having certification from an organization like eCOGRa which favors fair playing options from both sides, then your Online Casino is safe to gamble.

Hacking- Is the Site secure?

This is safety rule applies to all the websites to which we log in to. But while playing online casino games for real money, this becomes a considerate factor to decide about the safety of the player. The first check of this is in the URL bar of the website, you would find a lock near the URL of the website link in the URL. The lock ensures the validity of the security certificate. Another checkpoint can be in the SSL encryption or the TLS protection, a website that is SSL and TLS encrypted will always start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The SSL encryption protects any data that is sent over the net. The real money Online Casino game ought to have an SSL encrypted website for a safe payment process.

The financial proceedings

The financial operations of genuine Online Casinos are fast. The rules of the deposits and the payments are clearly mentioned in the policies of the Online Casino. The real Online Casinos pay the winnings to the players and offer the same platforms as the deposits. Also, the legitimate web-based Casino would always state its privacy policy on the website. The operations are transparent and crystal clear. The deposits made by the players to the Online Casino are kept in a separate account. The segregate accounts can be looked out as one of the features that all the trusted casinos have. Additionally, safe and secure Online Casinos offer well-known and reliable online payment methods which you may have used in your Online operations.

These include the payment through debit and credit card, Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express or via PayPal, Neteller, Eco Card, Giropay, regular wire transfer, etc.

Playing Online Casino Games for real money is safe until you use your acumen to check on the genuineness of the website which is the bottom line for surfing online on any website.